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What Is TDS Return ?

TDS Return in India is referred to as the collection of all the financial transaction made by a person or a company in a quarter of a year. The transaction remains lodged with the Government. The piece of information remains with the Government for all future considerations. In order to do an online TDS filing, you need to fill a TDS Return online application form, 26W, 24Q and 27Q available at Government portal.

Any person or a company whose TDS has been deducted by the giving can file TDS Return online. Income Tax department of India prompts each and every law abiding citizen to file a TDS Return if they find that TDS has been deducted from the income.

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Who Need To File TDS Returns

A taxpayer has to undergo TDS Return online filing within a specific period of time. A person is liable to penalized if he or she failed to file the Return. So, make sure to file e-TDS whenever the Government says to do so. Make sure you abide by all set of rules and regulations in order to avoid any legal actions against you.

How To Pay TDS Online

Online TDS filing can prove to be a hectic task for you. For online TDS filing, at first, you will need to select from the different types of TDS format depending upon your payment.
These formats are:

  • Annual e-TDS return, Form- 24, 26, 27.
  • Annual e-TCS, Form- 27E.
  • Quarterly TDS Return, Form- 24Q, 26Q, and 27Q .
Once, you have done the above mentioned task, you will then required to fill the application form as per the requirement carrying out TDS return online. You can also download the application forms if you want to do so.

Things To Keep In Mind While Filing e-TDS

  • The person or company needs to clearly mention the Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN) in the form.
  • Your credentials must match with the details that you used while depositing tax.
  • The total income, as well as the amount deducted, has to be mentioned in the form.


Overall, filing TDS Return is a vital task to do. If you don't know, how to file TDS Return online, make sure to take all the help in order to successfully complete the procedure. The best way to do is hire a professional to do the work for you. The majority of the people tend to go with the professionals in order to file an e-TDS. This ensures the authenticity of the work. Hence, if you have never filled a TDS Return ever before, make sure to get in touch with professionals and leave the job to them.

TDS Returns

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